RGV Got Bugs Pest Control LLC
RGV Got Bugs Pest Control LLC


We offer our folowing services to Residential and Commercial buildings:

Basic Pest Control

Covers the interior of the home as well as the exterior perimeter. This treatment targets all pests minus termites.



Intermadiate Pest Control

Includes the Basic and extends out into the lawn with a granulate. Depending on size, a second bag may be needed to cover your lawn.


Rodent Treatments

Bait Stations containing the rat blocks are placed around the home where their entrance seems most likely. Sticky traps are also placed in the attic.



Subterranean Termite Treatment

We inject one of our two Termiticides around the perimeter of your home or commercial building. By injecting, there is no need to dig a trench around the home. This includes a Basic General Pest Control. We also offer Pre-Construction Termite treatments.


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