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Rodents are more of a nuisance, however the real danger they pose is them contaminating food, damging your property and the diseases they carry. The most common of which are found here in the RGV include: Roof Rats, Oppossums and House Mice. Before we go into the specifics of each, let's deiscuss what we can do to prevent them from entering your home and some common dangers they pose.



Fortify Your Castle!

First off, you should take a look around your home to inspect for open crawl spaces, an abundance of cardboard boxes in the attic, tall grass, tall trees close to the roof, open trash and even dog food left out over night. Fortunatly all of these issues can be addressed rather inexpensively and quickly.

Trojan Rodent?

By far the biggest danger of rodents is the matter of them carrying diseases and other pests such as Fleas and Lice. The diseases they carry are transferable via contact with them or their feces, bites and through contamination of food. Their contact of food can lead to food poisoning with their bites resulting in fevers. Rodents are excellent hosts for Fleas since they typically stay in groups and they move around quicker, leading to the fleas being spread more effeciently. Apart from the constant itching, Fleas also pose the danger of transerring certain diseases as well.

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