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Carpenter Bees

How do they look?: Carpenter Bees can be large and small but share the following traits; They will have a metallic appearance, yellow markings on the head and little to no hair.


Where can I find them?: Bare and/or rotted wood attract the Carpenter Bees. Despite them not eating wood, they will excavate tunnels to use as nests. This is usually the eaves of homes, as well as decks, siding, fascia boards or porches.


What danger do they pose?: Carpenter Bees are actually pretty docile. Females do have stingers but will only sting if bothered. Males will act aggressively but are incapable of stinging and will therefore "divebomb" people or animals. The main issue is the damage they can cause to your home. They can expand existing tunnels or create new ones which can compromise the integrity of the wood in your home. They can also cause stains on wood with their feces.



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