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Honey Bees

What do they look like?: Honey bees are usually oval-shaped creatures with golden-yellow colors and brown bands. Despite the main color of honey bees varying between species, most honey bees will have predominantly black bodies. Nearly all honey bees have alternating dark-to-light striations.


How do they behave?: When not invading your home, Honey Bees will make their hives in trees or rock crevices. But once they do find their way to your home, they will look for dark secure areas. (Wall voids, attic, crawl spaces.) While bees are generally calm, they will become defensive if they feel their hive is threatened. 


What danger do they pose?Aside from their sting, which is generally considered mildly painful unless there is an allergy, their honey can also cause a slew of issues. When the hive becomes weak or is dying, the hive and honey melt and pour onto the drywall and studs. This can lead to mold and dryrot. The other problem that honey brings is it attracting other insects such as roaches.

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