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Knowing which Ant you're dealing with.

One of the most diverse insect families, Ants  fill every end of the spectrum. From small and passive to large and aggressive, Ants can be responsible for many things going on witin your home. Find out what you're hosting at home. 

Bed Bugs

Unwanted bedmates.

Perhaps one of the more tricky pests to deal with, Bed Bugs aren't something to take your time getting around to.


Saving our plants but hurting us

Bees play a crucial role when it comes to our environment. However, Bees can also cause harm to us and our homes.


Where our organic pesticide stems from

Named from the Greek prefix "chrys" meaning golden (its original color) and "anthemion," meaning flower, years of artful cultivation have produced a full range of colors, from white to purple to red.


Long Jump record holders

Despte there being a myriad of sub-species (just like every other bug), the main one we encounter in the US is the Cat Flea. The name can be a little deceiving as it will infest just about any living host.


Which is pestering you?

The Order Rodentia is comprised of over 2,000 species, which are subdivided into many families. But let's go over the most common types you'll encounter here in the RGV.


Nightmare Fuel/ Little Helper

Spiders are perhaps the most diverse pest on this list. They can be brightly colored web weavers, to dark stalkers.

Subterranean Termites

Different members of the family

Subterranean Termites are broken up into 3 classes: Alate(Swarmer), Workers and Soldiers. Each one serves a different purpose but can be distinguished.

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