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How They Get In: Ants find their way into the home through openings in the home such as weep holes, cracks in the exterior walls and improperly sealed doors and windows. This usually begins with a few scouts in search of water and sugery or greasey foods. However this can rapidly escelate if ignored. 


What Threats They Pose: The most common threat amongst Ants within your home is food contamination. Only a few species are known to carry diseases but if you find your cereal full of Ants it's still a good idea to toss it in the trash. If you're dealing with Carpenter Ants then your biggest concern should be damage to your home. Not only can this become costly but this can become a hazard to yours and your family's saftey.

Most Common Ants

These are the Ants you are most likely to see in the lower RGV.

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