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Sleep Tight, Don't Let The What Bite??


How They Get In: YOU! In all seriousness, Bed Bugs are the worst hitchhikers. They will crawl onto any object like gymbags or luggage. Unfortunatly, they can be picked up from nearly anywhere, as they can infest offices, hotels, gyms etc. Despite some beliefs, they do not jump from host to host and are incapable of doing so.


What Threats They Pose: Perhaps the main risks presented by bed bugs is the constant itching from the bites and the stress induced by lack of sleep. Bed bug bites, like a few other bugs, are not typically noticed until a day or so after the insect's initial feeding,


How Serious It Can Get: Bed bugs reproduce quickly, and in six months time, a few can turn into an infestation of several thousand. Detection is extremely crucial to preventing the horde from growing and avoiding more extensive and expensive treatments. Missing just ONE pregnant female can result in hundreds of adult in a short period of time.


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