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Big, Hairy Hunters

How They Look: Typically black or brown in color with slight variation. Some species have very distinct stripes on their legs. They are also distinguishable by their abundant hair.


Where to Find Them: They also dig burrows in soil near homes. Homeowners with ant problems are the most likely to have tarantulas around, as this makes for an easy food source for them. Tarantulas may wander into homes by slipping through open doors, be it main entrances or the garage. They can also move into houses through cracks in exterior siding or through the home’s crawl space.


What They Eat: Although they are capable of producing webs, most tarantulas rather ambush or hunt for food at night. Most hide within their burrows to ambush prey as it walks by, which includes: Beetles, Grasshoppers, Frogs, Lizards, small Mice, Moths, small Snakes and other Spiders

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